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Since 2012, BAIE has been actively working towards expanding the opportunities for student mobility and internationalization of higher education in Bulgaria. An indicator that our ambitions to present the Bulgarian potential to foreign students is not just our point of view is our successful partnership with leading Bulgarian universities, the Ministries of Education of Bulgaria, the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria, the private companies in the education field, as well as many non-governmental organizations.

Since 2018, the Association has expanded its target markets going beyond the region and targeting countries in the South Asian region. Applying a multi-dimensional approach, the principles that we obey are the international standards for international education and educational counseling, the mechanisms of internationalization of higher education and the needs and interests of students in satisfying their educational needs.



A policy, totally coordinated with the requirements for the high quality educational consulting. High professionalism and quality of service are being pursued by following the principles and informed decisions through the resource support of FELCA (The Federation of Education and Language Consultant Associations), SEC (Society of Educational Consultants), Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA) ), WES (World Education Services) and others.



It guarantees the standard service to all customers, regardless of the agent with whom they work and the office which provides the service.

Individual Solutions

The good knowledge of the market and the Association's wide partnership network allows its members to offer to the customers flexible tailor made solutions with respect to the goals, needs and wishes of each client.

A New Approach

The new approaches in the presentation of Bulgaria are with emphasis on its academic, sporting and creative contributions to world science and history and cultural heritage. By working with local agents in different countries, we claim that we know how to build the right marketing strategy, taking into account the cultural specifics and traditions of the local community.

Access To Courses

For the first time, all educational consultants are given access to a number of personal and career development courses.

24/7 Agent Support

We know that our consultants often need support in order to provide accurate information to prospective students and their families as quickly as possible, so we offer them a hot line for questions regardless of day and time difference.

Research & Development

The Association maintains up-to-date track record and analyzes on new trends in higher education and educational counseling, considering political, economic and demographic indicators, in order to be able to be proactive and to ensure the competitive edge of the certified consultants and partner organizations.



The service includes development and implementation of a marketing strategy for promoting the university in a given country and students targeting according to the profile, desires and opportunities of the partner university. Manage brand communication in the selected country. Organization of campus tours and meetings with leading foreign consultants


The Association develops a representation plan for the target market, provides staff for participation in leading consultancy and student exhibitions, organizes local presentations at local high schools and visits to local youth and social organizations, local opinion leaders.

Screening & Application Support

Our consultants screen prospective students, check for eligibility, assist in the preparation of the application documents and their legalization in Bulgaria, organize all the application procedures according to the university terms and requirements.

International Partnership

The Business Department and the Academic Co-operation Department establish initial contacts with local business and academic organizations to expand the international activities of the partner university and provide administrative, communication and logistic support for implementation of international projects

Consultıng, Follow-up & Development

Our work does not finish with the enrollment of students at the university. The Association is committed to tracking the satisfaction of the university and the students enrolled as a result of the joint work; initiating and organizing social activities for cultural adaptation and active inclusion, aiming to build an affiliation to the Bulgarian society and the university life. If problems are detected, we immediately alert our partners and consult with possible solutions that will strengthen their authority and ensure progress.



The Association offers to the students a new range of services, in order to provide them the comfort to be able to focus on their education in the partner university.


Assistance in preparation for applying for a Bulgarian visa.


Airport pick-up and support in their establishment in the country (including accommodation, opening of a Bulgarian bank account, tel. number, insurance, etc.)


Deadline tracking, reminder and assistance to obtain a short-term residence permit.


Organization of orientation tours for exploring the city and university, fundamental rights and obligations.


Through the program, new-coming students get in touch with their peers from Bulgaria and other foreigners who study in the country. They become their mentors during the first year of their stay.


This program enables students to benefit from the rich opportunities for work and training offered in Bulgaria, internship programs, Work & Travel, participation and membership in student and youth clubs



Our experience gives us reason to believe that we can be most helpful to our partners in establishing relationships in which the following working conditions are available:

Degree programs taught in English

We believe that everyone should get according to her results. That is why financial relationships between the University and the consultants arise only in case of results of actually enrolled students.

Long-term partnership

To be realistic, the promotion on a new market of a university takes at least one year, and the outcomes can be seen progressively in the coming years. Therefore, we are looking towards establishing a sustainable partnership with a minimum duration of the contract: 5 years.

Exclusive rights

Our request for exclusive rights aims to justify our efforts to fulfill our partnership commitments. Exclusivity is not intended to create a monopoly but a standard of work - anyone wishing to work in the same field is welcome to be a member of the Association and take advantage of its partnerships.



Headquarter: 126 Vitosha Bulv. D: 4, Sofia-Bulgaria

Miroslava Marinova/BAIE Secretary

+ 359 886 889 266


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